Jennifer Garner Nude ?

January 31st, 2017

Hi guys, I just saw this blog the other day Jennifer Garner Naked Not sure what you think of it.
I mean I used to love Broke Hogan but now she seems a bit run down lol.

Let me know in the comments what you think.

Skanky Amy strips and pussy plays on cam

December 9th, 2016

During her career in modelling, Amy Smart has done all sorts of tricks just to stay on top of her game. Yes, this includes sleeping with the bosses and making hot live shows in front of them just before a sexy photo shoot. This is one of those fun times she was feeling hot and naughty, stripping naked on cam and playing with herself. She usually just tease them in her skimpy lingerie but she got carried away and went naked before toying with that smooth shaven cunt. These worked out pretty well for her that she has kept connected with some of them, you know, for all fun’s sake when the ‘need’ arises.

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Amy Smart gives head and rides cock like a pro

July 11th, 2016

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Just like her BFFs, Amy Smart tried out her luck in the adult industry. She did awesome while giving a sloppy blowjob, riding her employer’s cock so rough and begging him for his messy load in the end. She got the job and more sex tapes to go with it.

Kinky Amy Smart sucks and fucks rough

March 9th, 2016

In any Road Trip, it’s almost always fun. Going places, meeting all sorts of people, and discovering new adventures. With Amy Smart though, it’s a whole new way of discovering the wild way of driving someone wild while riding their stiff shaft. This Just Friends blonde bombshell actress looks like she would take on any adventure even on real life. See, even a supposedly quick massage at the salon after a shoot turned out to be one of the wildest detours she’s taken. Can’t blame her, no one can possibly resist such fine body once you get to touch her while naked. She can’t help but get naughty while lying down in the nude, with her masseur’s bulging crotch right in front of her face, she started breathing heavily as she felt his fingers press harder on her nape.

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She asked the now horny dude to take out his stiff cock and put it inside her mouth. Enjoying the blowjob so much, Amy got on all fours and spread wide, begging him to stick his dick in her cunt. The dude obliged as fast as he could because he’s getting too hard and now sweating so bad, his hands were getting wet and a bit shaky coz of the excitement. Amy, on the other hand, started moaning as she grinds her hips on his boner. Guess they didn’t need any lubricant of a sort other than their bodily fluids to keep things smooth and slippery. Look at that tight round ass while she gets plowed hard from behind. Pretty soon, Amy will be booking a bunch more of massage sessions with this lucky jock.

Amy Smart Naked Erotic Photos

August 17th, 2010

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It was not so long ago when when a young and nubile Amy Smart made waves onscreen in movies such as The Butterful Effect, Roadtrip and Varsity Blues, and she captured the imagination of young men everywhere. Now we present to you these erotic photographs of Amy Smart posing stark naked and showing off her amazing body that enabled her to become one of Hollywood’s most sought after leading ladies.

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From her large, perky breasts to her smooth pussy, Amy sizzles in these images as she poses bare naked for the world to see. Just appreciate her smooth skin and toned body with these pictures and get yourself blown away by the awesome beauty that she presents to you so blatantly. To see for yourself her sexy physique clearly, click the pictures for the full version. Or if you’re looking for more naked images of this hot babe, then just click the link here to be redirected to Amy Smart Naked! Browse through the stuff we have online and get your fill of this fuckable Hollywood star.

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Amy Smart Posing Topless For A Magazine Pictorial

April 21st, 2010

Amy Smart‘s not a dumb cookie.  That’s why she’s following up her appearance in Crank 2: High Voltage with a quick pictorial in some fashion magazine, and she’s baring her boobs in it!  Who can forget Amy’s role as a pole dancer in Crank 2 and the titties that she bared in Road Trip?  You can bet there are still teenage boys across the land still giving themselves wet dreams with the image of her perky breasts on their mind as they wet their beds with cum!  And here we have Amy Smart building on that exposure with some nubile tit-flashing.  I know I’m going to be one of those (overgrown) boys whacking off to this blonde cutie with my covers pulled up and a flashlight trained on this dirty nude pic.

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Steamy nude scenes of Amy Smart from Road Trip

October 14th, 2008

Now here’s something you might like for all of you Amy Smart fans out there and I’m sure everybody’s dying to see once more those hot, steamy moments of her getting her freak on and taking off her top to reveal those succulent pair of perky tits when she appeared on the comedy flick “Road Trip.” You may have one way or the other seen this Hollywood cutie also in the action flick “Crank 2” where she got to have Jason Statham for dinner as they engage in one explicit sex scene from the movie. She is one total babe from every angle and a lot of the guys out there are glad to have seen this hottie bravely take off her clothes and show the world her gorgeous naked figure. She is definitely Heaven’s gift to mankind and we are more than willing to accept this precious gift and have her do a lot of crazy shit inside our heads as we fantasize her lavishly while stroking our very excited buddies underneath.

What we have here are some of those exciting and smokin’ nude movie scenes of Amy from Road Trip and now you can knock yourselves out with tons of her video clips all rolled into one awesome package that you will definitely love and enjoy while you download them for free and store it inside your PCs to watch over and over again. If it’s perky tits and fine-looking Hollywood felines you’re after, then do yourselves a favor and visit Amy Smart Naked right now and have a blast.

Amy Smart In A Lesbian Sex Session

July 1st, 2008

Mmmmm…  Now that is just delicious!  Seeing a hot babe like Amy Smart getting her pussy licked by another hot and sexy blonde is just a dream come true!  It looks like her partner’s just as slender and sexy as her, with pert little mammary glands and a tanned bod.  Now who could she be, though?  Well, Amy Smart used to be a model before, and among her friends former roommate is Ali Larter, of “Heroes” fame, who also used to be a model.  Maybe they hooked up to relive their old roomie days?  You know how models like to have fun, especially when all that partying and travelling goes to their head.  She may have missed Ali’s tongue on her moist, smooth slit.  But then again maybe this is another blonde friend of hers from somewhere else.  Whatever the case, we’re still glad she decided to take time to get in touch with her Sapphic side, and we’re hoping for more of that kind of action in the future.

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Amy Smart Flashes Some Pussy

July 1st, 2008

Well, it had to happen sooner or later.  Amy Smart’s a liberated gal, and a free spirit from California, so baring it all is going to become natural for them sooner or later.  After all, the human body is a beautiful thing (especially hers), so for an “Organic Style” babe like her, showing off her pussy should be as ordinary as breathing.  If only more Hollywood celebrities would be as comfortable getting naked as Amy Smart, then this world would be a better place.

Everyone who’s seen “Road Trip” is probably familiar with her cute, perky breasts, but this is their chance to get familiar with her smooth, pink snatch!  Pretty sweet, isn’t it?  She’s definitely got to show more of that in her next movies.  Maybe it’s not to late to shoot a torrid and explicit sex scene with Jason Statham for the soon-to-be-released “Crank 2″?  Still, I’d watch that movie if only to see Amy Smart kick Corey Haim’s ass!

That’s worth the price of admission, though I’d rather see Amy’s ass instead, which is why I go check out this site from time to time to get my fill of sweet celebrity naked pics!

When Are They Going To Make Road Trip 2?

July 1st, 2008

Am I alone in wishing for a sequel to the hilarious comedy that is “Road Trip”?  I think not!  “Unleash the Fury” is still the favorite clip to play at Atlanta Thrashers hockey games, and it was even their theme for last year’s playoff appearance.  Tom Green needs to do another weird scene with a cool quote like that to get his career back in line.  But then, maybe we can have a sequel without him in it.  Hell, I’d take a sequel with no one else but Amy Smart coming back from the original cast.  Okay, so maybe that wouldn’t exactly be a “Road Trip” sequel then, but as long as Amy Smart goes topless again, then I’m sure we’ll all be happily lining up for tickets, right?

Here’s another look at Amy Smart’s sweet boobies to remind you what “Road Trip” is really all about.  Click here for more titty shots if you want to, and I know you want to!  Unleash the erectile fury, baby!