Amy Smart Flashes Some Pussy

Well, it had to happen sooner or later.  Amy Smart’s a liberated gal, and a free spirit from California, so baring it all is going to become natural for them sooner or later.  After all, the human body is a beautiful thing (especially hers), so for an “Organic Style” babe like her, showing off her pussy should be as ordinary as breathing.  If only more Hollywood celebrities would be as comfortable getting naked as Amy Smart, then this world would be a better place.

Everyone who’s seen “Road Trip” is probably familiar with her cute, perky breasts, but this is their chance to get familiar with her smooth, pink snatch!  Pretty sweet, isn’t it?  She’s definitely got to show more of that in her next movies.  Maybe it’s not to late to shoot a torrid and explicit sex scene with Jason Statham for the soon-to-be-released “Crank 2″?  Still, I’d watch that movie if only to see Amy Smart kick Corey Haim’s ass!

That’s worth the price of admission, though I’d rather see Amy’s ass instead, which is why I go check out this site from time to time to get my fill of sweet celebrity naked pics!

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