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I Think Amy Smart Likes To Flash Her Titties At People

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Amy Smart is a fun n’ free California girl, and I think she’s got a huge hippie streak, what with her work with Heal The Bay and the Environmental Media Association.  She was also a “Women with Organic Style” awardee back in 2004 for Organic Style magazine.  I think that goes a long way to explaining this picture of Amy hiding  behind a shrub while topless.  She looks like she’s up to something naughty, like flashing her perky titties at passersby?  That’ll make entire neighborhoods walk by her place, just to get a glimpse of her ta-tas.

But if you don’t live near her house, why not do the next best thing, and check this out?  You’ll be able to stare at dirty pics of her sweet chest cupcakes all you want, and it’s way cheaper than springing for an airline ticket!